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About Us

Peace Ambassador Agency is a peace driven organization with the mission to educate young people to become future leaders with both moral and innovative capacity. Peace Ambassador Agency strives to positively impact the world by forming a movement of young leaders from all backgrounds of faith, culture, nationality and ethnicity under common principles, values and aspirations, working towards the common goal to promote peace through pageantry and peace education in Africa

The organization is run by professionals from various filled and ethnic backgrounds. This is to enable us embrace and encourage cultural diversities, bridge the gap in ethnic differences, language distinction, and religious variations to imbibe more ideals and strategies to encourage an environment of understanding and Peace Building.


Our vision is to use pageantry to promote peace in Africa.


Our mission is to promote, crusade, educate and advocate for peace in the crisis region of Africa.


  • Foster a global culture of peace and service.

  • Inspire innovative approaches to peace-building.

  • Build a movement involving all sectors of society that promotes the unity of the human family on every level.

  • Facilitate intercultural and interreligious cooperation.

  • Promote and strengthen virtuous marriages and healthy families.

  • Advocate and contribute to the achievement of the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals.

  • Demonstrate and celebrate achievements for peace and human development.

Interfaith Partnerships

We live in an unsettled world. At times, mere differences in perspectives can lead to devastating conflict. Therefore, rather than dwelling on the doctrinal differences among religions, the Miss Ambassador for Peace Pageantry focuses on the essential principles that are affirmed by all major faith traditions. The true interfaith experience is rooted in the universal principles, values and aspirations that bind all people together as one.

A New Vision for Peace

Miss Ambassador for Peace Agency continues to make significant impact because it is guided by a simple yet powerful vision with a practical plan of action. That vision can be summarized in one phrase- Pageantry for Peace. The profound truth is that all humanity is connected together in a most fundamental way, beyond the differences of race, religion or nationality. 

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